You can call your credit card companies

You can call your credit card companies asked them to change your bill due date. I get paid once a month so when I first took this job I called all of my credit card companies as well as my insurance company, electric, phone etc and asked them to change my payment due dates to fit my pay cycle. They all agreed to do that with no problem.

Thank you again for the suggestion. And yes, the cards HAVE been cut up. Since Last Sept when I had the financial means to committ myself to actually coming up with a strategy.

YOu have been very helpful. I will also look in the files section of this board and see what other helpful hints I can find there.

THANK YOU AGAIN! And the key is to CUT UP the new ones that keep coming in. I also realized that as I have been paying larger amounts toward my cards, they have increased the line of credit and have also lowered th emonthly. THey are so tricky! ALmost as if they see Im am coming down the stretch , making big payments toward the debt.

It is almost criminal these credit card companies. So terrible. But I have every intention on paying back the debt I owe, ever penny of it. And like I said, I was just trying to find a convenient way to schedule the payments.

Thanks again so much. Im assuming this is not such a uncommon issue ?

You have all given me so much hope. I will call them up and tell them to adjust the billing cycle. I do think killing off some of the small ones will make me feel like Im accomplishing something.

I canot tell you I am so glad to have found this blog. I have been so embarrased by all this debt. Yes they are 10 cards. they are 3 big ones I HATE. I hate getting them every month and I know im not supposed to look at the finance charge, but heres an example, one of the big ones :

  • a balance of 6000
  • and the was finance charge is 172!
  • and I gave them a 500 dollar payment
  • I felt I got nothing accomplished

the 3 big ones have balances betwen 4000 and 6000 the rest are between 800 and 2300

I think I will knock off the little guys


And when I pay off my debt (my goal by the end of the year) Ill take you all out for a drink! LOL on my DEBIT card though! I know , its no laughing matter, its really terrible what I got myself into. but thank you so much for being so positive about this, and empowering versus judgmental. You are all so helpful

So Ill stay away from all those debt emails I get that seem so enticing. I also saw MAXED OUT has anyone else?

Dont feel bad about the situation you are in today. Be excited about the situation you will be in a the end of the year. I’m doing the same thing, but well, I don’t understand your problem- I know what bills I have to pay, the minimum is always pretty much the same amount, I made a budget. It doesn’t matter when the actual bills arrive. You know you have to pay $200 to this one, $100 to that one, and you’ll have $900 left for the “target debt”.