Needing advice on letter writing

Hi guys, my name is Vicki, i am single, 34 years old, living in Arizona and in bad financial shape.

I am slowly learning how to repair my credit and am living using a budget. On 12/13/15 I moved out of my apartment complex with 2 1/2 months left on my lease.

They said they wouldn’t evict me , but would send me a bill for the balance. The balance including all additional fees, cleaning, Relet is $2,431 and the letter said I had 7 days to pay it or they would file a claim against my performance bond. I don’t know what a performance bond is. Do you? It also says they will report the account negatively on my credit.

I don’t have $2431 to pull out of my ass so it didn’t get paid. That was about 3 weeks ago.

Do you think it would help to write the complex and ask for a payment plan so that they wont report me negatively. I can only afford about $50 – $100 a month. If I try to work out a payment plan, will they still report me negatively? How can I write them something or some agreement that will have them report me positively while I pay them off about $50 – $100 on time every month?

I want to write my apartment complex and request a payment plan to pay off my debt instead of them reporting it to the credit agencies. I can’t find anything in way of a letter for a payment plan, I have tried several search terms. Anyone have any advice?

Here you go:

Dear Apartment Complex Owner,

I realize that I owe for three months rent (Aug. 2005, Sept. 2005 and October 2005). By my account, I owe a total of $1500, which is $500 for each month.

I intend to pay this debt in full, but am unable to pay the full amount at one time. I am writing to request the following:

  1. Please verify the balance.
  2. Please agree to accept my regular payments of $55 a month.
  3. Please agree not to report any negative information to the credit bureaus/reporting agencies as long as I adhere to the payment schedule.

Have them sign it and agree to it.

Do not pay any amount until you receive a written acknowledgement of these terms. If they disagree, ask again.

Once you have it signed and dated IN WRITING, keep that letter and make sure to adhere to it. It becomes written documentation.

If you are ever dragged into court, you have signed, written communication that you both agreed to the payment schedule and amount, and the reporting.

Send it so they have to sign for the letter. Only accept the signature of someone with the authority to sign such an agreement for the apartment complex, not the current Employee of the Month.

I ended up sending them a letter requesting reciepts and a copy of my alleged performance bond. After I recieve their response I will attempt negotiations with them using your letter template.

I have learned that the only way to deal with creditors is to document everything. State your position clearly, try not to be emotional and make them sign for it. If one of them tries to sue you, you only have the documentation and facts to present. You have to make them prove the debt and get the figures in writing.

That way, down the line, if they try to come back and get you to pay a different figure, you have it from them clearly stating that you owe $__________. Document everything. Copy and keep all correspondence relating to the debt, even after it is paid in full and/or settled.