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What’s YOUR story?


Okay, I’ll delurk now and tell my story (which thankfully has a happy ending – I hope it might be a slight inspiration, maybe). From my late teens I started running up debt. It started with a few hundred here and there on credit cards, plus a couple of loans and the like, but of …

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Needing advice on letter writing

Hi guys, my name is Vicki, i am single, 34 years old, living in Arizona and in bad financial shape. I am slowly learning how to repair my credit and am living using a budget. On 12/13/15 I moved out of my apartment complex with 2 1/2 months left on my lease. They said they …

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You can call your credit card companies

You can call your credit card companies asked them to change your bill due date. I get paid once a month so when I first took this job I called all of my credit card companies as well as my insurance company, electric, phone etc and asked them to change my payment due dates to …

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You can make multiple payments to the same account

interest rates

You can make multiple payments to the same account in one month; so pay the first one on time with what you have available; then make another payment when the rest of your money is available. Some credit card companies will make your payment due date to suit you, just call them and ask. As …

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A consolidation loan with good terms may work

Well a consolidation loan with good terms may work for you as long as you are going to continue applying every dime you can towards that loan even if the payment is cheaper. But before you do that I would be documneting all your debts and just start applying the extra money to ONE at …

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They will not lower my rate or my payment


I have MBNA which I seen another posting about they are not working with me at all!!! they will not lower my rate or my payment because they said my budget doesn’t fit it in. So I said you are just pushing me into bankruptcy they don’t seem to care. I have never missed a …

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Debt Consolidation

I am sure this has been clarified… can you explain the myths?/facts? that working with such companies can damage your credt score instead of being a +effort to get out of debt. Anyone care to suggest a company to work with that has testimonials to back? Thanks That’s Right for most of the programs. I …

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CC Interest Rate Adjustment Ltr

debit cards

Hello All. Does anyone have a sample letter to send to CC companies about lowering the interest rate? All you have to do is call them on the phone… I never send them letters , I call the customer service number directly. If you have not been a stellar credit card customer in the past, …

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Mortgage loan modification question

Hello everyone, I have a subprime mortgage loan and am keeping up my my payments. My house was not expensive – I currently owe $110,000 on my mortgage. Even though the interest rates have been lowered by the Fed, my ARM just adjusted upward. I spoke to my mortgage company, and they suggested I request …

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Credit Score and Relationships

This hit close to heart….. I have a very dear friend whose credit score before the Fico changes was 740. She had late pays, a repo, you name it, due to debt incurred for her divorce. It cost her quite a lot ($10,000.00+) to free herself from her ex, and he has not paid a …

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